Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

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What kinds of wood are available?

Mahogany and Teak

What does the warranty include?

Defects of our products either material or from the manufacturing process. Negligence or abuse is not covered.

How many months does it take to kiln dry the wood?

25 days for Mahogany, 35 days for teak.

Can the client provide wood for custom orders?

We do not accept labour only transactions; it must be our wood for our custom order.

Why don’t you use polyurethane finish items?/What finish do you use?

We use furniture wax or spray with a flat to semi-gloss finish because we find it more elegant. For the spray, we use organic lint seed oil which is resistant to scratches, heat and water.

How tolerant to heat is our dining table finish?

Our finish can withstand mild to moderate heat such as a hot cup of coffee.

Where do we get our stock of wood?

For our locally made products, Misamis Oriental.

What are the differences in our methods compared to other furniture shops?

We used imported glue during manufacturing. We prefer using flat finish over glossy ones. We used kiln dried wood and make sure the joints follow mortis and tenon technique.

What is the reason that my furniture has wood pests?

On rare occasions (around 1%) pests can still exist even kiln-drying and anti-pests applications.

How old are your wood that you use for furniture?

At least 12 years for Mahogany and at least 15years for Teak.

How long will mahogany furniture last?

As long as it is used indoors, it has been known to last more than a lifetime. But since wood is a natural material, it is still subject to cracks and warping in certain conditions (e.g. extreme heat and moisture for a prolonged period).

Where does the Teak Wood that we use came from?

Originally teak comes from Thailand and Indonesia but now grows in Mindanao.

Isn’t illegal to use teak since it’s a hardwood?

Since it is planted wood, a permit can be obtained legally.

Why don’t you have Narra Furniture available?

It is hard to get the permit from DENR.

Why does custom order take so long?

We have a queuing method in our manufacturing. It’s first come first serve basis.

What is kiln dried furniture?

Kiln drying is the process to reduce moisture content of the wood. Thru a kiln dryer that subjects the wood to high heat for 25-35days.

What happens when wood in not kiln dried?

Warping and wood pests are more likely to occur. High chances of the finished furniture will be ruined after just a small period of time.